Lengha Secrets – part 1

For the best of both worlds dress your lengha skirt up or down with the use of one simple addition… an underskirt! For a perfectly fit lengha skirt I prefer tailor made but a separate underskirt. Before and after pictures below.

Skirt with lining only:

The underskirt:

Contact me for details x

With underskirt underneath 😍


Bangles, bangles and more bangles!

I love bangles! Utterally and truely adore them! However, I never buy ready made sets. These bangles are my wedding bangles. I have a collection of over 20 different simple plain coloured bangles. Then a collection of detailed or patterned or glitzy bangles, in sets of 2 or 4. Then I play until I am happy with the way that it looks!

(Photo taken by Mehul Khandar)

Finishing Touches…


Perfect Pearls

No outfit is complete without accessories. From bindi’s to bangles to bags, accessories simple or glam are what make your outfit more than ‘just a saree.’

Use leftover material to make matching accessories from bags to hair pins. This was a readymade indian bag that I stitched over with leftover lengha material for my daughter.

More coming soon…

Me… Maya Mistry Pancholi

I’m a young Mummy of two, teacher of mathematics by day, lover of Asian fashion by night, weekends, holidays and all other hours. I love the glam, the glitz and the sparkle – who doesn’t? But there is nothing worse than seeing a saree being mass produced, distributed to shops and then slapped with the sign ‘one off’ or bespoke.

So that is where my blog will begin… REAL bespoke indian fashion. Not crowd pleasing outfits, but looks that will turn heads.

Use my blog for ideas or quiz me for inspiration x